The Three Stooges


I never wanted small dogs. Ever. Always underfoot and needy. Plus, the barking. Oh good heavens the barking. Somehow though, I have three. Not just any three small dogs. Three small chihuahuas. Yes, pit bulls and chihuahuas. These three follow me everywhere, including the bathroom. They cry for me as soon as I walk in the door after work and as soon as I wake up in the morning. I cannot sit on the couch without one laying on me, one right in front of or next to me and the third no more than a foot away. I’m telling you, these dogs can be smothering at times.

Dinkie Doo is my baby. Don’t tell the others, but she’s my favorite. For the first couple years it was just her and Gypsie and the two were always together. She loves to go camping but spends most of the time at camp sitting on my lap or following me around. As a pup we would lose her occasionally in the apartment only to find her curled up at the foot of someone’s bed in their blanket. When she was younger she would have seizures but thankfully she is past those now. She is 10 years old now so we occasionally talk about end of life options.


Only took 10 attempts to get this picture!

Porky Roo is the typical small dog. He thinks he is way bigger and tougher than what he is. He is our miracle baby. Other than him and one brother, the whole litter froze to death. The people that had them didn’t want them and left them outside in December, taking the mom inside. We took him home at 2 weeks old. This little guy was the size of a hamster; couldn’t stand, no teeth, and his eyes weren’t even open. He didn’t like a bottle or a rag soaked in puppy formula so we mixed that with sausage gravy, put it on a saucer and placed him in the center. He scooted around in it slurping away and somehow managed to survive. We lost him ALL THE TIME! His favorite hiding spot was in the basket of whites in the laundry room where the only thing you could see was his eyes (if they were open) because the rest would be buried. He’s my great protector (in his mind) as he will bark his little fool head off if someone is standing too close to me. He doesn’t normally like small kids but has been letting our granddaughter Alora pet him. So proud of him, that’s a big scary step when the kid is only two.


Finaly we come to Eclipse. She’s actually a dog that my son bought for $20 outside of Walmart a few Decembers ago. She is my sausage dog (looks like a sausage link) and is more needy than all of the other six dogs combined. She’s a sweet thing that loves to play. Thinks every toy is for her, including our granddaughters. She’s the best with Alora because if you sit still, or look in her direction, she’ll run for your attention the only problem with that is what 2 year old sits still?


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