Gypsie Love


To know her is to love her


Our big, beautiful oldest fur baby. How to describe our 10 year old pit bull? Out of our seven dogs, she is the alpha. We got her when we lived in town in an apartment so that my kids would have some protection when she grew up. Pit bulls are a banned breed in our backwards city and we lived in a bad neighborhood (there was a shootout literally in the front yard of our apartment building), so she didn’t get to hang out outside. Luckily, as she was growing up we would spend nearly every weekend camping in the woods during the summer.

She has been a pillow and a heater. A best friend and a fierce protector. She has been a source of comfort to each member of our family during times of sadness and has brought us hours of endless fun and entertainment.

While I know that her time with us is not forever, that someday it will be her turn to cross the rainbow bridge, I dread the day that I will not be able to tell her to move, or to be nice or to watch the house. I see her age setting in. I see her sleep more each day, she is just a tad bit slower to get up, I see the hitch in her step when she goes to get on the couch and her reluctance to go outside when it is too cold.

I know many people fear pit bulls but I could not imagine life without mine. Of our four, I see a range of personalities. Gypsie is highly intelligent and athletic (even as she ages). She is an escape artist and has figured out how to open any kennel or crate that she had been placed in. She loved playing sword fight or hide and seek with the kids. Moving out of town was the best move for her as well as the kids.

The worst part is that she is a bit too protective over my son. Gypsie will still stand between him and anyone else that raises their voice toward him. You cannot rough house with her out because she will snap thinking you are trying to hurt him. She also doesn’t like other dogs. Neither of these are a breed thing. They are a dog thing. She has an under tone that lets you know she is dangerous. Has she bit anyone? Nope. Snapped at a couple people and charged someone who was prowling around our house one night, but that’s it. Has she attacked any animal? Again, the answer is no. She will chase cats or other peoples dogs that come on our property but doesn’t go after our chickens or ducks that freely roam.

Gypsie is my heart. My love.


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