About three months ago I informed my boyfriend we were buying piglets. I had been telling him we were getting some but in his defense I always want some random animal so he wasn’t sure if I really meant it until the day I told him we were going to put our deposit on them.

Our issue has always been that I am an impulse shopper. Yes, I know that lots of people are, but I do it with animals. I see it, I want it, I buy it. Most of the time that means that Kevin is left scrambling to build a shelter, get fencing in place, get the food and learn everything he can about my latest project all before I bring it home. Basically, he has anywhere between a month and a matter of hours (like when I decided we were going to raise a bull).

We brought our three little pigs home last month. Boy, was the first month we have had them interesting. First, they had never been out of the barn so they screamed (squealed does not cover that God awful racket) the whole way to the car. We packed them all in a small dog crate in the backseat of the car for the half hour ride home. *Important note: use a truck! Stinky and upset babies are NOT fun.

Up until a few days ago, they were spending the nights in the garage and every morning the crate, with them inside, would be carried out to one of the dog kennels for them to spend the day before they were taken back at night. Now, they stay outside in the kennel awaiting the time they can be moved to their pen. This is where I tell you to have your pen or fencing up BEFORE you bring them home. I really shouldn’t have to say it, but I’m sure there is at least on other person like me out there somewhere.

I’m not sure where this all will lead. Ultimately I would like to make a little money off hogs but at least I know that even the worst case scenario means that we will have too much meat for our freezer.



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