Pig pen

Everything I have read recommends 25-35 square feet of space per pig. I am a visual person and had no clue what that meant. I know that we chose a Berkshire/Hampshire cross for our hogs since we intend to not only breed but to raise for butcher as well. I also know that the boar they were sired from tips the scale at roughly 750 pounds while the sow was over 500 so a small space wasn’t going to cut it.

I did a bit of research and found that 50 square feet is the measurement of a king size mattress. Can you imagine keeping a 600 pound animal on a king size bed? I can’t but I figured that to start, I can do a smallish pen and then add to it as they grow.

While they have been waiting for their pen to be built (did I mention we got them BEFORE the pen was even a quarter of the way done) they have been staying in one of our 10’ x 10’ dog kennels.


Three little pigs

Luckily, we have right around half an acre to work with, so I am able to pick the size. To start we used free extra long pallets. For the shelter we actually got a free shipping crate. We have spent less than $150 on fencing and nails to reinforce the pen. The work that was put into it was priceless, I know that if it weren’t for my amazing boyfriend and his cousin I would not be able to fulfill my childhood dream of owning pigs.


Definitely larger than 3 king sized mattresses 


Before fencing added

By the end of summer, they will need new shelter but for now, this will do. We also will be getting a boar to breed our female (the white one) while her brothers will be raised for butcher.


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